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Cold Press Juice

Welcome to Larissa's Apron Green! 


Larissa's Apron, known for delicious culinary excellences, now proudly introduces,

     Larissa's Apron Green

Dive into health and freshness with our new offering: cold-pressed juices, available every Monday.

Pure Nature in Every Sip

Larissa's Apron Green crafts each cold-pressed juice with love and precision, ensuring a burst of nutrients and flavors in every bottle.

Freshness Unleashed Every Monday

Each Monday, indulge in the goodness of Larissa's Apron Green with our exclusive cold-pressed juice collection. Crisp apple, zesty lemon, crunchy cucumber, savory celery or sweet strawberries – we have a refreshing blend for every taste.

Nourish Your Body, Refresh Your Day 

At Larissa's Apron Green, we believe in nourishing your body and refreshing your day. Join us in this delightful journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Ready for a green adventure? Order by each Friday for  Larissa's Apron Green Cold Press Juices ready every Monday for a sip of pure vitality! A new juice will be introduced each week.

Quantites are limited.


Your body will thank you.

Free Delivery in Pullman

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